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Modern Torch Motion Light

Modern Torch Motion Light

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Introducing the Modern Torch Motion Light - a practical yet stylish lighting solution for your home. A rechargeable lamp that offers both functionality and aesthetics, resembling a handheld torch. Thanks to its energy-saving design, one charge lasts for several months under normal usage in motion mode.

With its magnetic wall-mount design, it easily attaches to any surface, allowing for effortless removal when it's time to recharge.
✔️ DETECTS MOTION - The Auto-mode lets the light turn on when motion is detected within 3 meters, the perfect night-light wherever you need it!

✔️ CORDLESS - Embrace the simplicity of cordless illumination for a clean, organized, and clutter-free living space.

✔️ LONG BATTERY LIFETIME - Thanks to its energy-saving design, one charge lasts for several months under normal usage in motion mode. The secure magnetic attachment enables you to seamlessly move your lamp whenever you need to charge it.
Equipped with a motion sensor and an auto-mode feature, this lamp lights up your surroundings upon detecting motion within a range of 3 meters and an angle of 120 degrees. Whether placed in your hallway, staircase, bathroom, or any other indoor area, it provides convenient illumination when needed.
Experience the convenience and modern design of the Modern Torch Motion Light, and enhance your home with its versatile lighting solution.
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Lamp Size: 180x25 mm
Battery Life: Several months with typical use in motion mode
Battery: 500 mAh
Material: Wood + Acrylic
Lighting ColorWarm white
Light Source: LED Lights
Wattage: 1W

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