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Vintage LED Lantern

Vintage LED Lantern

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The high quality Vintage LED Lantern combines the classic charm of old-fashioned lanterns with the modern efficiency of LED lighting. This elegant lantern captures the essence of nostalgic era while providing the convenience, safety and eco-friendly benefits of modern LED technology, including up to 160 hours of battery time. The lantern also features a unique interactive element: a simple blow gently on the lantern extinguishes the flame.

Designed with a captivating blow-to-turn-off feature, this lantern introduces an enchanting way to extinguish the light with just a gentle puff, adding a touch of whimsy to your lighting experience. Additionally, it is engineered with a smart function that automatically powers down the lantern when it is tilted beyond 60 degrees, which mimics the behavior of a real oil lamp, adding an authentic touch to its modern charm.

Customize your lighting experience by adjusting the lantern's wick, a cleverly designed dimmer that allows you to toggle between ten distinct brightness levels and two light sources, ensuring that your setting is always perfectly lit.

✔️ USB-C CHARGING CAPABILITY - Conveniently rechargeable via any USB-C connection, this lantern offers up to 160 hours of battery life, ensuring prolonged use with modern ease.
✔️ BLOW-TO-EXTINGUISH FEATURE - A simple puff is all it takes to turn off the lantern, blending traditional interaction with modern convenience.
✔️BLEND MODERNITY WITH TRADITION - Infusing modern design into a classic kerosene lantern.
✔️ MULTI-LEVEL BRIGHTNESS CONTROL - A single switch allows easy cycling through ten unique brightness settings and the selection between two distinct light sources.

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Size: 10.5×27.6 cm / 4.1×10.9 in
Ten levels
Lighting Time: 8-160 hours, depending on the level of brightness
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Charging Time: 4-6 hours

ABS, glass
Colors: Green, White, Brown
Color Temperature: 3000K+2400K
Light Source: LED
Power Supply: USB-C cable

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